Building Contest with 40k prize!

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Heyy! I'm hosting an building contest! The theme is a DMC DeLorean (car or if you watched Back to the future you might know what s this). You just need to build this type of car and if you want, add some decors behind it so it can look better. I also reccomend you to buy a small room(like 33x33 maybe) cause you just have to build... a car.Prizes: 1st 20k , 2nd 13k 3rd 7k. Also check the realm DMC DeLorean Building Contest(SEARCH IT IN OVERWORLD OR GO IN Harpy's Office and take a warp cause it doesnt show up in lobby), for more precious info. Deadline: 15th of September. If you dont understood something feel free to dm me on discord, Harpy#3953 .
Have fun and good luck!



  • I thought 33x33 room is max said in ur DMC Building Contest Realm xD
  • HarpyzHarpyz Member
    Zoirgot said:

    I thought 33x33 room is max said in ur DMC Building Contest Realm xD

    oops my bad
  • *EXTENDED* The deadline is October 15th. So sorry, im really busy with school.
  • same, tysm for extending
  • @madetolove@madetolove Member
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    I was thinking about entering but I have a couple questions first...
    Can I build it back to the future theme or does it need to be a normal DeLorean?
    Can I build 2D pixel or is it 3D only?
    If so can I use 100x100 room? I’m not even sure if I would use a room this big
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