Again, Brazil doesnt speak SPANISH!

if this is a surprise for you, us brazilians dont speak spanish!
we speak a language called: Portuguese!
but our portuguese isnt the same as the Portugal one, Similar to the american english that isnt the same as the UK english!

Do you guys think that because of our neighbour countrys? USA has neighbour contrys that speak french, then every USA person speaks french? i think nope.


  • BeIfastBeIfast ChileMember
    Good point but, why this post?
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
    edited February 2017
    because some ppl doesnt know about it, then i need to post it >_>
  • At this point, the American who thinks we speak Spanish kinda turned into a stereotype for us.
  • lawlyetlawlyet Member
    there is also some of our spanish speaker neighbours who thinks we speak spanish hahaha.
  • Filipino names are kinda similar to spanish names, but we are not Spanish.
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