Forum Warnings and Bans: brief guide.

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As you all know we have forum rules set in place, which can be found here:
As well as separate additional rules for forum games sub forum:
This thread is here to give brief information for those, who are still confused on how it works.

What are warnings for?

Warnings are used as a reminder for our users that we have a list of set rules, which they have to follow. They're absolutely private and no one besides a warned user and staff can see them. Rules and warnings are needed to keep our community clean.

How warnings are given?

Warnings are given to users by forum moderators for behaviour that is not appropriate in the community and for breaking any of the listed forum rules. Warnings have a level system that increases with amount of broken rules and repetitive rule violation. Once user reaches Severe level they can be banned.

How long is the forum ban?

All bans have different temporary lenght, but of course it ends with a permanent ban, if a user persists on violating the forum rules:
First ban - 3 Days.
Second ban - 14 Days.
Third ban - 30 Days.
Fourth ban - Permanent.

However, if a user is extremely abusive, posts inappropriate for our community information, and/or is constantly treating other users poorly, they can be permanently banned earlier than the set order.

I've been warned, how do I get my warning removed?

Warnings don't disappear on their own, however you can contact any active moderator via private message and they will review your inquiry. You can contact a moderator if your warning fits set timing:
Mild warning - 30 days.
Medium warning - 60 days.
Severe warning - 90 days.

Important notes:

- Do not create discussions or activity feed comments about your warnings, they're supposed to remain private. If you have any questions, simply message one of the active forum moderators and they'll gladly assist you in regards to any of your issues.
- Do not post "Why banned?", "Can somebody explain?", etc, comments on banned profiles; ban reason, just like any warning, should remain private. This also goes to comments that can draw not needed attention to a banned user.
- Do not bash on/post rude comments on a banned user's profile, anyone who is seen doing this will be warned and/or banned for harassment.
- If a person has been banned, it doesn't mean you're free to harass them. Their avatar is set automatically by the forums, as an identificator that helps moderators to keep track of the ban timing, and also as a note for all users that they're currently unavailable on the forums; it is not an invitation for somebody to publicly shame and harass a banned user.

Be respectful to your fellow forumers, even if they misbehave.
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