Проверьте мой русский!

Эй, ребята, я беру русский, как мой иностранный язык, и я хочу встретиться с некоторыми Russain qubee, и проверить мой русский с некоторыми из вас, ребята.
Ey, rebyata, ya beru russkiy, kak moy inostrannyy yazyk, i ya khochu vstretit'sya s nekotorymi Russain qubee, i proverit' moy russkiy s nekotorymi iz vas, rebyata.


  • 0-of sure xd
  • CortanaCortana UnknownMember, Retired Moderator
    Russian is my first language and this google translate result makes me want to cry... x-x
    Just a tip from a person that knows the language: don't use google translate to learn it, it doesn't even translate any sentences properly. Should learn by books and not by using online translators,
  • Oh I'm not the only Russian person! Also I heard that SlymeCake knows this language as well
  • cool
  • CortanaCortana UnknownMember, Retired Moderator
    Please don't necropost. Check the date of the last post before leaving your comment.
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