How To Move Your Discussion

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It's Annoying if you put your thread in the wrong section right?
You can just tell a forum mod to move it to an apropriate section
But, ill tell you a faster way to move it

This Discussion Should've been in the Forum Games, But it's accidently posted in the "Off-Topic" Section

1st, Edit Your Discussion

2nd, Select Category On The Top Left Corner

3rd, Pick a Category that fits with your discussion
Because my Thread is about "Playing a game in the forum", So ill pick Forum Games

4th, Save your discussion

Your Thread Should be on the category you want

Now, you may think, "What if i dont know if it's in the right category or not?"
Just type "If this is in the wrong category, please tell me/Move it"

Aaand, i also don't know where to put this but, Off-Topic Fits More Since It's Not about the game :P

Thank You For Reading



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    Nice guide.
    I see no issue in people doing/using this.

    The key though is to choose the correct sub-section of the forums initially.
    I'm gonna sticky this thread and move it to general chat.
    I think it will be good there as there is also a stickied thread on the karma system and a text editing guide.
  • LOL my discussion is on there haha (SunKist)
  • Nice one :) very helpful and sweet of you...
  • #blamehorusifyourdiscussionisinthewrongsection
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    lol it's awesome to see you helping (this goes to everyone too)
  • Wow amazing thread, this will definitely help me in the future :D
  • ................ Im noob sorry......but do i create a discussion?
  • Thanks for the information very useful
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    Please do not bump old & outdated topics. I'm locking this up but will leave it as an announcement as it is pretty useful.
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