About Mystery : The Bones

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White, shaped like ribs, usually found in the Desert Mines and gdog favorite objects (think :v), this is it!
The Bones!!!

Yes, the bones. This thing is not foreign to our eyes, because we often find these objects in the Desert Mines. Why I chose the bone for this discussion?
This question is what caused me to discuss the bone.
"Whose bones?"
Yes, actually belong to whom the bones? Let us investigate together. We have several suspects related to "Bones", among which:
Slymes? It did not seem possible! Because of the shape of her body was very soft, so that he might not have bones.
Not a suspect!

What? Faries? Impossible! Fairies body volume is only about 1/4 of the bone.
Not a suspect!

Hmm... the possibility that bone is owned by Spudbugs, because Spudbug size and almost the same bone. However, bones not have a curved shape on top of it. And, the bones also existed before the emergence Spudbugs.
Possible he is a suspect!

Qbees is unlikely to have a bone like that. The volume was around half the block, whereas bone volume about 1 block.
Not a suspect!

.... That's not possible!
Not a suspect!

So, suspects linked to that Spudbugs, but even then still guesswork. So, who belongs to the bones?


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