Goodbye Cubic Castles

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Recently I was perma-banned for being an accessory to a hacker ingame. After some talking with support it’s clear I won’t be unbanned on any accounts or be allowed to return in-game. For this reason I have no reason to use the forums or engage with the game going forwards. I don’t suspect most of you will ever hear from me again so thanks to all the people who spoke with me in-game or on the forums over the years.

It’s a shame I had to go like this but I guess it was coming. When you play the game border-lining the rules, one day you’re gonna fall onto the wrong side of the border.

Sorry to anyone Ive ever argued with or been toxic to, sorry to mods ingame if I’ve ever made your jobs harder, and sorry to my friends for getting myself banned and having to end it here.

If anyone ever notices of my absence, please tell them about my ban and that I won’t be returning to the game. Feel free to direct them to my discord jed6366.

Goodbye to everyone, whether you knew me as Edition, Zoddy, Minified, Player, BC or Jed 👋
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