Fan Pack 2024 - 10 Years

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It was suggested that we do a new fan pack to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cubic Castles. We thought that sounded like a good idea, so I'll be taking suggestions here for the items you'd like to see added to the game! We will pick a selection of them for the fan pack. Of course we can't add everyone's suggestions, but we'll try to pick a nice selection of the ones suggested. Please post your ideas for the pack in this thread.


  • GalaGala Member, Forum Moderator, Game Moderator

    Police car! :)
  • BestQRUXBestQRUX Member
    İce Dragon Pet :)
  • Golden Tuxedo suit, to go with the golden dapper hat.
    Camera Backpack (a big camera on your back)
  • How about more Swabbies? I believe red is the only color we got so far. As for more unique items, how about little plushies of the staff team! I think they deserve some love for their hard work and that would be super cool to collect. You can also use them for some better visual representation at the realm with the staff list. I'd also like a Hat Combiner 9000 so people can merge two hats together (mostly because it'd be fun, or if people want to wear hair with their hats) using recubes - and break them apart for free.
  • Ron GamerRon Gamer Member
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    THX KEWB I ALWAYS WAIT FOR THIS MOMENT FOR SO LONG.... So I wanna add a ''police shirt or pant''. If can add ''police baton'' and ''handcuffs'' I would be thankfull.

    By: Ron Gamer
    Edit:I cant upload picture sorry
  • *Veigar**Veigar* Member
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    Dark Mummy Set with red eyes:))
    Shogun Set with shogun katana
    Shield (in hand)
    Raven Wings
    Eagle Pet
    Black & White Scarf
  • cg28008cg28008 Member
    Afk hat, with a command (/afk) so people know when players are afk
  • CubicCubic Member
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    Dirt Costume - like the dirt head but it turns your body into a literal dirt block, same size too lol

    Dirt Pet - little guy which looks like a dirt block but has a pair of eyes (like dirt head). When he becomes lvl 50 he can be like the snowman but a massive buff dirt, or just a floating dirt
  • Miss JoyMiss Joy Member
    Gold version of the tuxedo and gold pants and a diamond head staff. (to complete set for Dapper Hat) Maybe a stack of bills held in
    hand that animates $ signs (just like the animated heart deco that spews out hearts)

  • Bee.Bee. Member
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    Surf board (deco or backpack), hipster minivan car, boat car, bird pet, new wigs, hammock deco, sandbox deco, feather fan holdable, flamingo floatie, hula skirt, life jacket, a crab (deco or pet), holdable soda can, those big summer floppy hats, a white lace umbrella, a visor, tank top or shorts!?
  • Sayo'Sayo' Member
    new dance or a new emoji 😭🙏
  • Churro - A little churro that you can hold in your hand. Churro is a very special food in argentina, it's like a star-shaped bread with sugar, we love em here.
    A rolled map - like an old, rolled up map that u can hold in ur hand. Very chadfitens tbh
  • Alv'Alv' Member
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    Spoiler: Wearables
    Kebaya Top, Kebaya Bottom
    Baju Melayu Top, Baju Melayu Bottom
    Hijab (Headscarf)
    Police Uniform, Police Pants
    Police Baton
    Firefighter Top, Firefighter Bottom
    Fire Extinguisher on Back
    Black Halo
    Glitter Top Hat
    Glitter Suit, Glitter Pants
    Glitter Dress Top, Glitter Dress Bottom
    Bubbly Drink (Hold)
    Magician Hat
    Magician Suit/Robe, Magician Pants
    Magician Stick
    Cowboy Shirt, Cowboy Pants
    Pilot Cap
    Pilot Uniform, Pilot Pants(Pants quite unnecessary tho)
    Flight Attendant Vest
    Flight Attendant Pants
    Flight Attendant Skirt
    Military Makeup
    Tank Top (Dyable)
    Masculine Wigs (Crew Cut, Pompadour, Comb Over, Mohawk, Mullet, Curly, Quiff etc)
    Birthday Cake Costume (Free for everyone? As 10th anniversary)
    Beany with Headphones
    Basic Umbrella (like easter umbrella style, except change the pink with black, red, blue etc, like Coloured Angel Wings)
    Hacker Mask
    Golf Polo, Golf Cap, Golf Visor
    Aviator Jacket
    Watermelon Costume
    Pineapple Costume
    Doctor Coat
    Nurse Top, Nurse Skirt, Nurse Pants
    Surgical Mask (Goggle & Mask)
    VR Headset

    Spoiler: Others

    Fox Pet
    Squirrel Pet

    Some credit to Lopaiko, also I tried make these not linked with other seasonal packs
  • TurtledudeTurtledude Member
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    Turtle Pet! Its kennel could be a turtle shell, and the level 50 makes it swim in the air

    And something that could actually be in a pack (because pets usually aren’t): Handle-bar mustache
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  • maybe more stamps and more pets? like a cow or a bee
  • Pete.Pete. Member
    Not particularly for the pack per se but would be nice to have some more levels added for the 10 year anniversary - possibly to level 100?
  • Here is a list with all I want:
    Cherry Blossom/ Snowy / Fall tree costume. one of them
    Pig ears, tail and nose, something super cute
    Reverse mot set. since is april fools you could add reverse mot set. The color of shirt to be at pant and pant color to be at shirt
    rainbow angel wings
    white umbrella
    different colors besides red ballon like green, blue, pink etc
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    Classic Hat Stack
    Rainbow Shirt/Pants/Cowl/Robe/Skirt that transitions between colors (animated)
    Fake PJs (with little rubber blocks on the feet and a hopping animation)
    2D Qbee costume
    Bush Costume

    Mini Beta Tree and Cactus in a pot
  • DjCatHDDjCatHD Member
    bear, polar bear, panda, fox pet
  • Trebor2CTrebor2C Member
    1. A Watermelon Smashed on The Head, or A Watermelon Mask;
    2. A lot of Big Balloons that you can Hold on Your Hand. Those Balloons should be Big like The Jester Cane
    3. A Horse that you can Ride, like the Bunny Mount;
    4. Pumpkin Costume, like the Slyme Costume.
  • Ultra.Ultra. Member
    I would love to see some new masks that change the colour of the text box, like the Executioner Mask, maybe more tighter fitting ones that work well when combined with hats.

    As a continuation to the previous Fan pack, maybe a halo for every colour of Angel wings
    A rideable Cloud that the qbee sits on, acts like a car but its hovering, could have a quiet sound similar to a weather stamp - to further match the angel theme.
    The cloud could also be a pet that when reaches level 50 turns into Qbee Zeus on a cloud
    A wreath crown of some kind as an accessory so you can wear it alongside a halo.

    Then as a counterpart, a devil set with revamped devil horns, maybe a red mask with devilish or dark eyes which turns your textbox red, red top and bottom similar to dark traveller outfit or a red tuxedo, and an animated tail. A pet to match could be a serpent which turns into a golden dragon at level 50.

    An introduction of an aura could also be interesting, like as a wearable it creates a slight static or pulsating glow around your qbee, white or yellow for the angels and red or black for the demons

    The idea of it being 2 packs instead could also work, 'Good' and 'Evil' with some old fanpack clothing being thrown back in as filler and to give people a chance to get old clothing they liked.
  • LeciriusLecirius Member
    edited April 2
    • bird pet (that flies as if it were a level 50 pet)
    • a head that was circular instead of square
    • backpack calculator
    • a bottle in hand
    • dreadlock hair
    • I would love for there to be a contest to make emojis and for those emojis to be put in a fan emoji pack and for it to be affordable for everyone (for example 1k)
    • a school case as decoration
    • strawberry seeds (By the way you fix the seeds that look bad)
    • sheep (farm animal) where you can get wool and craft beds or curtains because I saw that you were going to get it.
  • Sandy stamp. like blizzard but with sand.
    A costume for furry delivery hat, a delivery man costume something that would fit good with the hat.
    a pig backpack
    dirty qbee set, a normal qbee with dirt on him.
  • ArtaaArtaa Member
    A player figurine (a small figurine of the player the places it.)
  • I would like to see a Pig Costume like you added a Cow Set last Fan Pack.
    Make Suit Jacket Dyeable...
    More Fish Boxes!
    Capes like a super hero.
    Thats it by me thank you!
  • Sir.DavidSir.David Member
    edited April 5
    Add new pets that are not versions of already existing ones. like a slime pet. bat pet. ghost pet. Phoenix pet. rainbow angel wings new kinds of mustaches pumpkin costume Xmas tree costume with lights and a star on it also solar system planet heads or costumes
  • Tools that could help with construction, something to add more blocks, scaffolding. I believe that the game needs more functional things that help in the construction area, as it is something very important

  • >Peppermint<>Peppermint< Member
    edited April 10
    A Birthday Cake Costume to celebrate the 10th anniversary
    I think it would be cool to introduce an unused wearable like the Legendary Crocskin @ Hat
    Round Glasses like these
    Some modern human hairstyles not renaissance wigs
    A PI costume, literally turns your qbee intot he pi symbol lol
    A white shirt with a tie, maybe black or another color like red

    Here are some more suggestions you can pick from
  • not a wearable or anything but i want dioramas of the old overworld maps. i think it'll be cute and nice homage of it
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