2024 Valentines Building Contest (OFFICIAL EVENT) (RESULTS!!!!)

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Thank you to everyone who participated! Original thread: https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/discussion/34140/2024-valentines-building-contest-official-event#latest

Winners (250,000c each), in no particular order:
Sir Hotwire

The realms will open soon once the 1,000c refunds have been put on the rental plots. Once the realms have been opened you can remove any blocks, but remember, if you mine your rental plot they will no longer be available for future players to view!


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    Congratulations to the winners!! We had a lot of really good builds! The realms are now all unlocked. The refunds are in piggies on the plots of those who built. As the rules stated, if you claimed a plot but did not build you do not receive a refund.
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