My Thoughts on the Valentine's Event (and Pack)

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What's Going Well

  • It gives players another reason to fish or mine to retain interest.
  • It encourages people to communicate and work together.
  • It shows the reward to let people know what they're working towards.
  • The separate deco pack with items from last year is a really good solution for builders

What's Not Working

  • The drop rates are frustrating and don't reward players for their efforts. A reference of rates could help so we can better critique and know what we're getting into.
  • The lack of communication about how the event works. It feels very similar to the Christmas event which was equally disliked for this reason.
  • An event is not successful if the best solution is to buy the items rather than participate.
  • People mostly don't have the time to work out how the event works and get the items the way intended.
  • The scarcity of blocks in packs. I think they should be more abundant, there's not much you can do with 1 leaf pile or brick per pack. The old system where you got 5-10 leaves/grass per pack guaranteed is a solution.

What's Next

First of all, we appreciate the efforts you put in for these events and keeping the game active and alive, this is all intended as constructive criticism to help give insight to our perspective.

We would like for you to be more open about events for both enjoyment and practicality. Whilst keeping the event secretive can seem like a good idea, it's off-putting for a lot of players as we can see the goal but no obvious path to it which makes putting the effort in less appealing. The intention might be to keep players on longer by making the event this way but it will ultimately achieve the opposite with players not wanting to participate due to its extremities in expectations.

Transparency is not a negative, even letting us know that you hear our complaints and will take them into account is better than silence. Especially after the previous event, it comes across to a lot of us that you've not listened to our feedback which is discouraging as a player. Whilst this time around we can see the reward/goal; The lack of information is similar, the expected way to achieve the reward is unrealistic and it's not new or long-term player friendly. If the issue is that events are pre-planned, a time constraint issue, or if it's due to having a smaller dev team, it's okay and beneficial to keep us informed.

We as players have been a big part of your research over the years, use us as reference for what works and what doesn't and build off of that. I personally want the best for the game which is why I'm being honest and open about my thoughts.

In terms of the pack, I love the introduction of the separate 1000c pack to get deco from the previous year. I personally prefer having rarities in packs but overall I find that it was done well and was well-received. My only complaint as mentioned is the blocks you get per pack, getting 1 leaf pile is just not realistic for builders and makes it harder to use them.

Thank you for reading.


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