BlackSonatta CC's Youtube Thread

Hello everyone, it is me, BlackSonatta here, and welcome to my YouTube Channel Thread!!

I am BlackSonatta CC, a content creator for Cubic Castles, and i have been doing videos on the game for a good part of 3 years now! Here, you can find all of my recent and best videos/playlists from my YouTube channel!

Channel Link: [ ] (Click in between the brackets)

Most recent video:

The Cubic Castles Jeopardy:

My Favourite Video:

If i laugh, i lose 5000c and SING

My Playlists:

The Cubic Castles Beginner Guide Playlist:

New to the Channel? Start Here!:

Random Videos:

I'll be posting any new content i make on the comments on this forum, so stay tuned!

If you like my content, then consider subscribing to my channel and sharing it with a friend who might find it enjoyable aswell! All the support helps me out a ton!

Let me know what you think of my channels in the comments, and as always:

Have a wonderful day :)


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