Chests and splitting

Most chests when trying to spilt an item in a full chest will say "no available slots". However in my shop I have a silver chest, this chest is full and I spilt an item without noticing that the chest was already full and it did not notify me there were no available slots and the remainder disappeared. I tested a few items (tried several items) with no notification and a successful split, but the split part dissappeares. It's my silver chest located in an open visitor realm (with no perm, it's a shop) does allow this. Family tried it as well with the chest, and same results. I tested a few other chests and the white News years chest did notify and did not split, but the black one with a clock didn't and I lost the remainder. Steam punk is good. Scifi failed. Gold chest failed. The valentines was fine. I didn't test anymore holiday or themed chests after this. The failed chests result in splitting hundreds of stackable items and half remain while other half disappears. The chests tested were in realms as well as rooms. Closed and open to other people.


  • Yeah it's an old bug and sometimes some chests don't have an error popup telling you that the chest is full and there are no slots available. But luckily you won't lose any items, they are still there, try breaking the chest and the remaining items will pop out.
  • Thank you! Good to know :)

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