Um just wondering...

Does anybody sell 100k fadey foam? (all the same color)
Else, does anybody sell 5k fadey foam? (all the same color)

lmk ur prices cuz i need a bunch and i want to buy em reasonably cheap


  • I can't make a lot at one time but would you buy in batches of 500? I can do 1.5c each
  • any way i can get them 2c ea?
    idh much c remaining ;-; and i need too much fadey. if u rly cant do 2 ea, then ill buy 3 but then i have to find a way to earn more c to buy the amount of foam that I need.

    to give you perspective on how much fadey i need, I am building a 99x99 city with 4 main buildings and about 20 other small buildings/tents. Every building will be 100% fadeyed down (walls and roof) because I want the buildings to dissapear when they enter the building so that they could see what is going on inside (most will be shops). Kinda a pain to build but its whats stopping me from quitting the game.
  • I said 1.5c each LOL. that's less than 2c each. Two cubits for three fadey foam
  • ohhhhh yes pls LMAO
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