what's the deal with these easter eggs???

iaranianwinsiaranianwins Member
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in some realms, official or not, I keep finding these weird easter eggs that I can "pick up" (it makes the sound that plays if you actually pick an item up) but when I check my inventory no egg. However the thing is when I "pick it up" it doesn't even disappear from the ground.... Weirder yet Weirder


  • Those are seekers. Once you find a certain amount of them, you can enter a seeker door (the door will tell you that you need to find more seekers if you don't have enough). Like in the egg hunt seeker event right now, you have to find 100 of them to get into the raffle room.
  • cg28008cg28008 Member
    Either that or it's a bug form the past egg hunt events
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