Everything that went wrong with Cubic Castles (in the past 2 years and also why I and others quit)

I finally decided to semi-quit this game, since the game has grown significantly more boring in the past month. I will discuss everything that I saw turn from good to bad or from bad to worse with my 2 years of playing.

Packs are enjoyable but here are the essential factors that I seek change for.
> Rarity means goals! Adding rarity (supers) back to packs would be very fun. The design and art of all of the new items are amazing, so why not put it to use? Add rarity to each item again, so that some players would have another item that they need to continue to invest to chase after!
> Pack Timings - Why are the packs in for so long? Why is the new years pack out for an entire month? Decreasing the time to less than a week or at most a week would reduce the total number of wearables, increasing price and demand which increases activity.
> Pack Art - Pack Art is AMAZING. Most of the community loves the pack art, but mixing only a few new items with a bunch of old commons isn't always fun. Maybe add completely new packs with less items overall, or maybe add only a few repeat items so that we can further appreciate the newer items instead of bringing back older items?
> Pack Pricings - The pack pricings were weird in my opinion. One example would be the most recent yuletide pack. Rarity was removed, meaning that every item had an equal chance. A majority amount of other wearables in the packs were worth less than 500c, and the deco also usually totaling less than 500c per pack. Although rarity is removed, there was a lesser chance of getting the newer expensive items than not. The prices didn't increase much for those new items, since there was no real rarity factor. When there was rarity, you could risk 50k for a 100k item where the risk is great but profit margins could be huge. The Yuletide pack was spending 2.5k for like a less than 50% chance of getting an item worth over 500c. The profit margins were not huge, which reduces motivation for many people to open packs for profit overall.

I have played with and without premium (premium came from winning c from events), and I have found some features as fine while others as not.
> Chatting - Advertisements while chatting is a great idea. It can provide some income to CC and isn't in the way too much since most of your time in cc wouldn't be spent on pure chatting.
> Realm/Overworld Entrance - I think the ads with the 3 second countdown upon entering a realm is unnecessary. Yes, it would increase income from the game, but if you have many realms that you want to go to quickly, then having ads every time you enter a realm or overworld is a lot. 3 seconds per realm multiplied by the hundreds of times we leave a realm every day or week all adds up in the end to hours of time just spent waiting to press that x button.
> Death Countdown - 5 seconds of ads every time we die is a bit insane. Yes, parkours are annoying, but all of the big parkours in realms where you die a lot means a lot of waiting. I stopped doing many parkours now, since I lack motivation to want to wait 5 seconds every time I die since I would die hundreds of times in difficult parkours.

The Devs are amazing, I can't lie. The devs are giving the game their best effort and care. But with a growing community, those devs aren't enough overall. I play a discord bot named myuu. It has a larger community to cc. However, many people are quitting that bot because of the lack of devs. For a game that has about 35,000+ players, they have one dev. That dev works on the game code itself, and future updates, while he hires people to do the art for him. That would bring the team to about 20 people, but that isn't enough. A game isn't always about the art or the amount of money and time you put into it. It's also about the quality of the game, and how much the community likes the output of the hard work. 2 devs for a growing community in cc will not be enough. The game's mods try their best, solving situations whenver they are online, but not many mods are online very often. Even hiring someone and having them literally add or remove a pack that has been created by the devs at proper times would be a nice upgrade imo.

I have asked for this and I will ask for it again. Here are some event suggestions that I wish were implemented into the game.
> Community Events - CC has a lot of competition when hoarding/trading items, and also with the events. One step to lower the competition and increase the community levels would be to start making events as a global goal. For example, during Easter, you could have players work together to gather a total of X amount of easter eggs. Anybody that contributed would get prize A. However, players that gathered at least Y (more than x) amount of easter eggs would also receive prize B, and players that gathered at least Z (more than y) amount of easter eggs would also receive prize C. That way, the only person to compete against is the global goal and the thresholds for the prizes that you want. It could help bring back the community a ton.
> Reusing Events - Please don't reuse events! Yes the easter egg hunt during april was a grind but it was fun. But to have to go through that painful grind all over again during thanksgiving was quite painful. I would much prefer a very good pack instead of having any event, or a very good and new event instead of having any pack.
> Forcing People into Events - People quit a lot since the poop scooping event. Many realms were covered with poop, and many people didn't want to play the after that. To me, CC is a game where once you don't play once, it is easy to continue to not want to play, so keeping that attention and liking of the game with players is essential. Not many people would want to return to the game after seeing what events could easily do to their builds, and if a similar event happens all over again, they would need to take a "break" until the event is over and their poop has been cleared.

Please bring back more of the community to this game! Yes, this game is a trading simulator, but people use it for more than just trading.
> Add more emojis - This isn't a requirement for me but having a variety of emojies to work with would be nice. Right now, there are plenty of emojis but if there was an emoji bank and we could choose which emojis we would put in those emoji slots, then it would be much more convenient when chatting.
> Reduce toxicity - This is something that the dev's themselves can't do. Reducing toxicity in a community takes effort from the community as well, but the devs could do things to try to reduce toxicity such as community events, or making the game more social.
> Ranked Talking - most players simply ignore new players solely based on their levels. If you are below level 30, then usually you are ignored unless you are selling an item or such. However, now many people are closed off to only their friends, and don't include newer or even higher level players. Trying to break down that barrier would allow for a stronger community.
> Making usage of space - The overworlds were a great update at that time, but I am not too fond of overworlds now. Especially popular overworlds like New Eden, or the Wildlands and Questoria. I don't find a point in having a large space to fill if there are not enough people to fill it. Eden is populated but looks barren, simply because of the overworld size, not because of the lack of players. The old lobby was much smaller, which brought together more community since there were many players that were there.

Expanding the game also means bringing newer players into the game. One easy way, in my opinion, to bring people into the game would be through Youtube. Having a youtubing system could be nice. This way, people would be motivated to upload quality content as well instead of quantity content. For example, you could give rewards to youtubers that post an x amount of videos a week and have an x number of subscribers and watch time. That way, the popular and quality videos from youtubers could promote the game for free, allowing for more people to want to join the game as well.


  • Economy
    > Prices - Many old players have left, and so have many cubits with those players that quit. Many cubits are lost whenever players quit, and that leads to a recession with item prices.
    > Divided Community - Right now, the community is mainly divided into two groups, the rich and the poor. There is no real middle ground between the two groups. Either you are rich enough to have rares and supers or you are poor and are stuck with commons and uncommons. The rich nowdays mainly focus on investing in supers, and the cheaper rares are left to drop in price. Demand is decreasing for the items, and so are the prices. It is pretty hard for many players to name a cheap rare that is rising in price right now.
    > Recession - there has been a greater demand for cubits instead of items nowadays. Many rich people are seeking to sell their supers or rares or any of their items for pure cubits instead of trading it for items. This would increase the value of the actual currency, cubits, instead of the value of the items. This would reduce the cost of the items, since they would be harder to sell, which is a potential reason for the recent drops of prices of many items.
    > Item Prices - Resources have a pretty stable price and I predict that it will stay that way for a while. There are many mining hqs, which can easily provide a range of the price for a resource. However, having a safe and reliable prices page would be really nice. For example, HSQ prices is the dominating prices place for cubic castles right now, but many people find the prices unreliable now, as it is rarely updated. Seasonal Prices showed up, but because it is a discord bot, it is harder to access and not many people rely on it either. Which should we trust more: HSQ or Seasonal? And the answer is neither. No price place is completely accurate, but it should provide a basis on the price range of the item. However, updating the price of an item once a month won't always guarantee any degree of accuracy. Having an official CC sanctioned prices realm that is frequently updated would be very nice for the item and game economy and community. There would be less arguing over prices and a more trustable basis for prices.
    > Scams - Why does the report button exist? Is it to make people feel that all players have a way of reporting scammers in-game? I have been told by a mod before that the report button is practically useless. There is no photo evidence of the scam, and it is easy to just manipulate others into reporting a player without real reason. My friends tell me that they've been scammed, and that I should report that scammer with the report button, and I tell them to contact support. Most of my friends didn't even know that support.cubiccastles.com had even existed! Many players take advantage of this and scam people, knowing that being reported without photo evidence would be futile.

    CC activity has been dwindling over the past month, and I will make my leave in early February (I will be on every so often but not online much). I hope some of these changes are implemented in an attempt to bring back old players or bring in newer players.

    I had to send a comment to add my final points lol. The message was too long
  • I disagree
  • I disagree, also there is more devs besides sirkewb, they just work behind the scenes
  • MEEPYZ said:

    I disagree, also there is more devs besides sirkewb, they just work behind the scenes

    oh oop e.e i thought it was kewb and mabz. fetus is the tester / event host, and then mods. mb sry
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