Buying and selling (sorta)

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Iam Chebbr!! Iam a simple fella with some wares you see!! and iam willing to make some purchases if you looky down here da list!!

Da cha ching list: (down there)

(if u read this then dat is what ill buy)
(spoiler ! its nothing )

if u r interested in makin da purchases on pebbles and shiny goodies then i have sum greato news for you!! iam selling yummy in resources aswel!! Lookie down my goods!

Resources selling : (down there)

1 . -- Stone |100| /20c --

2 . -- Coal |100| /8c --

If u are interested in this one of a kind offer! (Imposibla to find elsewer) Friend me! (Chebbr)!!

{My time zone if you do decide to!! buy or sell!!!}

--Mon >> Fri-- [Active time: 3-6 PM][Or longer/Earlier if your lucky!]

--Sat >> Sun-- [Depends if im gonna play for the weekends or not!]

Ok tank for read! bye! good day! eat yum ok!


  • Next time talk normally.
  • Sorry about dem kitten ears being way outta reach see, I been hoardin em up for years and drove up the price to 1200 to 1800 per peices. I'm 3/4 to my goal of 1,000 cat sets.
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