Clanstone Bug

edited November 23 in Bug Reports
So you all know the popup that appears when you initiate a new clan member. Its the one that says "Command the pathetic underling to stand their worthless self on top of the all-knowing, all-seeing clanstone and hit the checkmark." And if you've experimented enough, I'm sure you know the buy were when you leave the realm the checkmark popup stays up, sometimes in weird places. So my bug is as follows. I left the realm with the popup up, and then relogged. Upon logging back in, the popup was gone, but i could not interact with the stone (even after breaking it, moving it to different realms, and even destroying my first clan and starting another). Unless it fixes itself, until it's resolved I will no longer be able to own a clan.
Edit: Strange
It resolved itself (after logging into a different account and then back in to the old one), but I still think it should be looked into.
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