[Sponsored Event]-Treasure of El Dorado Results :>

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This event was sponsored by SirKewberth , thanks =)

The results are here !
Left:Rng , Right:The player's name
7: 1warrior
32: hello20081234567
20: N E A R A T A
9: slabyjugh feva
30: thetis
21: Bmwtech1627
14: >Peppermint<
33: CooJoo (The nub >:( )
17: RenegadePenguin
23: lemongrassham111

And the person who found the hidden name is ....... HONEY BOMB ! (So I keep the 30k ;) )
The full form of clue -nym is Acronym . To find the name , use it on 'items' above the sky .
1:A BCblocks
2:T oy soldier
3:A ngel Topper
4:H otdog
5:U nicornfish trophy
6:A corn Plushie
7:L ightning Rod
8:L inzer cookies
10:A pple pie

So the hidden name is ......... Atahuallpa (Smh yall told you this is easy)

For 2nd side quest the lesser lord sol's cipher , prizes for it have expired you can no longer get them .
I will not say what is the answer , this is easier than the hidden name . Someone got the first line correctly , later they gave up the second , that was pretty close to the prize !

Thanks for participating my event , hope I can do more torturing event on future ! Mwahahaha !!!!

Realm name:Nil Chronicle' El Dorado
Event type:Seeker game (And a bit parkour)
Event duration:July 7 - July 31 (cc time)
10 winners will win 20k cubits through raffle using the event bumper
Perk requiement:Jumpman (Basically anyone who's 12+ lvl can join)
Hundreds clothing prizes in prize dispensers for anyone who manages to collect all the seekers
^ Reset the dispenser every Saturday and Monday on July

Rule:No alts !!!

Winners will be announced in few days after the event ends

Extra:The first person who ' figure ' out the hidden name in the realm will be receiving 10k cubits straight from me ,+1 prize dispenser for the clothing prizes and the realm will be 'un-fogged' ;) . The person (If any) will be posted and the hidden name will be revealed here

Join the CC discord server , find and dm me the name
CC discord server:https://discord.gg/n4284bX
My name in the server:Hashimoto Shun

The clue for hidden name
1: -nym (Use it on 'items' in the realm)
2:The letter count for the hidden name is 'even'
3:To figure out the name , I advise you complete the seeker event (get your name on event bumper) before doing this side quest

At the mercy of lesser lord sol I will unfog the realm on 25th

2nd Extra:Decrypt what lesser lord sol says and dm me , 3 people get a golden dehy cube (People with the same first letter on name cant get , first come first served)


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