Support System Update (MORE DETAILS!)

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Apologies for the outstanding tickets. We are experiencing an unavoidable delay in support tickets at the moment. At this point I can't provide more info as I don't have any details to share and I'm not sure when things will be back to normal. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. Unless you did not receive cubits you purchased, it's probably best to hold off on new support tickets. We won't be able to resolve player disputes or help with scams etc.. for the time being.


So I wanted to speak with Mabz before I explained. I finally got in touch with him today. Basically what happened is that the area he lives in was hit by a major super typhoon. It knocked out all electric and internet, and it's been a week or so already, and they are still repairing. Many people still don't have access to power / water / food. We don't know exactly how long it will take to get back to normal. Might be a while! Him and his family are fine though which is most important. Anyway.. this is why support is delayed as Mabz is the main support guy and we don't have people we can just slot in easily as it requires giving access to all server logs, sales data etc.. It's not something where you an just toss a new person at it easily.
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