The Fall Cookoff Event - Season 2 - Update (ends Dec 10)

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We're bringing back the fall cookoff this year. Same teams, same rules, new prizes. For those who have not had a chance to play in the event before or who need a reminder.. here's how it works...

1) Collect Turkeyberries while mining
2) Craft Hunting Nets
3) Craft Hunting Bushes
4) Find the fall hunting grounds realm in Wildlands Overworld
5) Plant your hunting bushes! Wait!
6) If the bush is shaking.. pull it! Catch a Wild Turkey or Wild Pumpkin with a hunting net. Easier to catch in groups of 2 or more! Very hard for single player. Hunting bushes vanish when used up. Hunting Nets too! Bring many nets!
7) Cook pumpkin or turkey food in an oven (NOTE!!! Points credited to the REALM OWNER where the oven is planted!)
8) If you cook turkey food Carnivores Score a point... If you cook Pumpkin food Vegetarians score a point!
9) Team points are for fun!
10) Event special items and prizes are as follows... You can keep some Turkeyberries and craft a deluxe green hunting net (collectable item.. dont use for hunting!) -- After event if you scored more points for carnivores you get a turkey staff. If you score more points for vegetarians you will get a pumpkin staff!

Event will start when the fall update goes live. (shortly)


  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    The event will end on Dec 10th
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