Hi, I come back with a new ticket to the admin if possible, to tell everything from the beginning. I bought 1.3m cubits from the cubic store, I did a shop etc. That doesn't really matter, after a few weeks when I saw that I was making a profit in the real Pens Yard Rentals I started selling my items there until in different dates I lost items worth 800k + either due to servers or due to a crash but I don't think it's because of my net because I have a very good net, it always looks like it's looking for a server. On April 28, April 29, etc. I lost 2 pjs, ghost, spider lvl 49, 5 valentine angel, headnless, slyme costumes and other items. I'm always taken for a fool because I don't have a net, sometimes I didn't take it into account but I was only offered a 50k 750k offer, seriously I really want my cubes back, I worked for them, I have over 50 witnesses who can say what happened in those days with the server. I got in touch with a game mode and was asked to go to an admin with a ticket. I hope to be offered all the items back ...

and me massage in yesterday for u
I lost on April 28,29,30 a lot of items from a bug of yours from the game I made a ticket then you didn't solve anything yesterday I lost items in a place for rent PEN S YARD RENTALS because of the net. You couldn't help me, please help me, I donated somewhere at 1.2m cubits



  • i send u a screen shot yesterday and after one years please help
  • It's usually strongly advised to NOT sell any super rares in Pen's Yard Rentals, or at least not put them for display. This prevents you from losing the items incase of a connection issue. The only thing you can really do is contact support, in which you have already done. Even if you have witnesses, I don't think you can generally be given the items back, unless support makes some special case which rarely ever happens.
  • but for me it's a special case I donated so much money during the game it's not my only account, one was stolen from me [] * ANDREI * [] probably the name is changed I donated over 1000 euros I don't understand why it happens to me these are fixed for me, last year you restarted the game or I don't know what happened and that's why I lost them, yesterday I had a problem with the net please help me I would do absolutely anything I worked very hard on the account and I was playing day to night, please do something, I made so many tickets if I didn't care so much about this game I wouldn't do such a thing. Please
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    Buying cubits is not donating, since you are giving money for cubits in return. Hopefully you can come to some agreement or something with CC support though!
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    Creating discussions like this won't help. Try waiting on the response in the support ticket. I'm going to close this discussion now but if you have other questions you can message me here on the forums
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