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Hello! *MMS here with a slightly-shorter-than-my-normal forum post :P

It’s no secret that the forums are a shadow of its former self. There used to be activity every day but dozens of users, but now we’re lucky to get a few posts and comments per day.

Reviving the forums is not an easy task and, if we want to do so, will take time. However, I think we can start the process with the following three steps. I’ve ordered them in what I feel is the most important, but please feel free to suggest alternative priorities :)

1. Update or change the official forum software.

There have been countless complaints about bugs, from not being able to change profile pictures to formatting and upload issues. This is just the latest thread:

The software needs to either be updated, or the current forums need to be archived in favor of a fresh new start. Either way, I strongly believe that the forums as they are now are not sustainable. We want people to stay active on the forums - there’s no point in the next two changes if they come, see the software, and leave.

2. Hire a community manager.

Back when I first joined in 2015/2016, one of the reasons I came on the forums was because Sir. Kewberth would post. I thought it was super cool that regular players could interact with the company of Cosmic Cow (in a non-spammy way, of course, like posting an idea, and the game developers would respond).

Sir. Kewberth pseudo-filled the role of community manager originally, but with him stepping back to focus on development, it feels like the community has lost its connection with the game developers. I know I came back at the slump time (very end of June), but I haven’t seen the presence of Cosmic Cow at all. The next update looks really, really cool and I can’t wait to try it out - but I also don’t think that CC coming in with an update before completely disappearing again is healthy for the forums or the community.

My idea for a community manager would be someone who represents Cosmic Cow and have direct contact with the developers. They would post weekly (maybe bi-weekly?) discussion posts and other initiatives, and they would interact with other Qbees. Maybe they would host (or help to coordinate) community events (as far as I can tell from past posts, the events were mainly done by space_fetus, so maybe helping to facilitate them?).

Essentially, they would breathe life into the forums and make Qbees excited to join in on discussion. They would get a chance to interact with Cosmic Cow, the company making the game they’re playing. I think the developers should still pop in from time to time, but this would free up time to focus on development while also keeping the forums alive.

I also believe that this would allow for more time in between large updates. As long as something is going on in Cubic Castles, I think players would be happy to wait longer for the next major update without their patience growing thin.

3. Promote the forums.

From scrolling through past events, this seems to happen most around contests, but I think the forums should always be promoted. It’s suffered from a lack of engaging content, which is why this is the third point.

The forums could be the default system banner when nothing else is happening (e.g. the Fan Pack leaving the store message has been there since July 1st, and could easily be replaced with a forum promo). Events already seemed to be promoted on social media, which is excellent and should also be continued :)


TL;DR I think that the revival of the forums can start with three ordered steps: 1. Fixing the forum software, 2. Hiring a community manager and 3. Promoting the forums. Essentially - fix or update the forum software, create a reason for people to want to check the forums, then grow the forum community.

Please feel free to agree/disagree with this post - discussion is great :D

I’m also going to link my two other long-improving-CC-related posts here in case you’re interested:

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    +1, a community manager would definitely help create more of a connection between devs and players.
  • Finally a Small Post Posted By You :0

    And +1 for Community Manager But talking about the Updating forums I don't think so he would make a New Forums.Right now Kewb Is Focusing on Cubic castles Pack Updates And stuff And Not on Forums I think..
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