Cubic Castles MAP: End Credit & Thumbnail ART CONTEST (3 entries so far)

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Art contest for the Cubic Castles MAP!

Thumbnail Rules:
  • Make it attractive, bright, and cute! This will be the thumbnail image that shows on Youtube.
  • Include the words: "Count On Me", and then smaller: "Cubic Castles multi animator project" (try not to abbreviate to MAP)
  • Signature's fine, but please don't add a watermark: you'll be credited at the end credits and in the video description, and in the cc forums when it's done
  • REFERENCES: Must have the Newbie and Friend and no other characters in it. Get creative with it :D! They're very happy newbie best friends and could be doing something together, holding hands, playing, building, exploring, doing something fun. They're not rich, so nothing extravagant, but they are very happy with whatever they build!
You're responsible for making the image the correct height/width for Youtube thumbnails.

End Credit Art Rules:
  • At the end, everything is happy and is no longer sad, so use cheerful bright colors and atmosphere. Don't leave any blank canvas, everything must be at least colored somewhat.
  • Again, signature is fine, but please no watermark. You will be credited.
  • The animation is 1920 x 1080 , so the end credit art must be a bit larger than that, but still at the same proportions. It is much better to make it larger than too small. The most important thing is the same proportions, or at least close. It's not a big deal if it's not sized right, I can manage it pretty easily so don't worry if it's not perfect.
  • REFERENCES: Similar to the thumbnail, must only have the Newbie and his Friend. They are sitting in the grass, Newbie is holding cotton candy. Get creative with that :)
  • IMPORTANT: you must leave a large enough space for the credits to appear and be easily read. Whether it is the sky, or a less detailed area, you decide, but this is a must!
References: (You don't need to draw the Friend with the umbrella. Unless that just fits your drawing for some reason, then go for it)
ALSO: This is just for getting the colors/outfit correct. You are free to draw them in any style you'd like, preferably not human style... but if you can pull it off, it's worth a shot!

Prizes for Thumbnail:
1st - 5k and their art is used
2nd - 3k
3rd - 1k

Prizes for End Credit Art:
1st - 5k and their art is used
2nd - 3k
3rd - 1k

By entering this contest you are giving me permission to use your art in the MAP, either as the thumbnail or the end credit art. You also give me permission to resize/crop the artwork if necessary. I will NEVER claim it as my own or use it elsewhere. You will be credited at the end credits, in the video description, and on the cc forums when it is done.

Currently no deadline.
I will give at least a two week head's up before I close, which is very far away. You have LOTS of time to draw, I can also extend the timeframe if you need to.

You can enter as many times as you want.


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