Cubic castles is really really broken for me.

You've probably seen my other posts but this one is just going to state everything that's happened to me for the past week. Just so you know, my wifi is good.

1. Being banned for 7 years and then not being banned, then being banned again (repeat)
2. Logging in once and it telling me I've logged in to many times and i'm locked for an hour
3. I wait an hour or two and it still telling me i'm still locked
4. Stuck on reconnecting, disconnecting, fetching realm info, or any of the loading screens
5. Freezing when trying to access friends list, realm search, and outfit thing (causing me to reload the entire game)
6. Stuck on cosmic cow logo when booting the game
7. Stuck on logo while loading the game
8. Game just losing connection for no reasons
9. Game booting me out in game telling me i'm banned
10. Stuff disappearing under the ground
11. Text bar not coming up on mobile
12. Freezing for no reasons on mobile
13. The distorted textures bug, where everything looks like a nightmare
14. Can't see your own player
Well, that's all the bugs i've been experiencing this past week. As you can tell, really broken.


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