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SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
Blocks/wearables -- no special blocks that do extra things like switches. Just decorations. If you have a long time block/decoration/wearable you've really wanted that we didn't do here's a chance to get us to make it. Ideally avoid things that would better be suited for themed seasonal packs.


  • GalantisGalantis Member, Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    New headphone! (Wearable)
    Bath (decoration)

  • byebyeboy2byebyeboy2 Member
    A monkey pet.
  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Member
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    Really liking this cardboard box hat (:
  • I was thinking maybe fur clothes that would match the dog set and cat set
  • SPY C.SPY C. Member
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    Devil Wings - Size same as Dark Angel Wings or bigger looks like Dragon Wings but with glow or burning affect
    Slyme, Ghost, Wolf, Fox, Unicorn Pet
    Fish Costume or Fish Clothes(Head,shirt,pants) - You can get it from fishing
    Cow Costume or Clothes(Cow Head,shirt,pants) - You can get it with recubes
    Black and White Scarf same as Blue and White Scarf
    Pumpkin Costume example image
    Fall Tree Costume example image
    More Colorful Angel Wings example blue pink green example image

    Black or Other Colors Halo, Black Cupid Wings, Black and White Umbrella example image I have more suggestion there, you should check it @SirKewberth
  • KristelleBKristelleB Member
    A coffee mug (wearable)
  • UU Member
    ANY pets. The lack of pets we get in updates makes me sad.

    Also, will this be a limited time pack?
  • GrimBike65GrimBike65 Member
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    Safety Vest (wearable)

    Camouflage/ghillie Costume (wearable)

    Litters (decorations)

    Vines (decorations)

    Sand Bags (decorations)

    Fencing/barbed wire (decorations)

    Traffic Sign Posts
    i.e parking sign, intersection sign(decorations)

    Barricades (decorations)

    Mossy stone block (blocks)

    Mossy cobblestone block (blocks)

    Yellow raincoat and hood outfit

    :0 i know what you mean

  • Junder'Junder' Member
    I agree with U, there are a lack of pets. Some suggestions that have been said a lot before are: Pet slyme, pet rat and pet fox.

    I also think more orange clothes should be added as its a colour myself and a lot other love.
  • BaniraBanira Member
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    i want
    beige and brown dye
    more wing colors (especially wings that look similar to angels like what coojoo said)
    more pixel colors and sculpty blocks
    power outlet deco
    i want cat and dog sets to have diff colors/types
  • A pickle platter
  • TylerPWTylerPW Member
    I think we definitely need a clanstone head. Reminiscent of pyramid head, but with a clanstone instead 😂😂
  • DrakayDrakay Member
    Something like big head:

    Qbee pet (basically you can dress him like a mannequin, so it carries the clothes)
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    Can you please make a Siamese Cat pet
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    • Black Beard
    • 3D Skeleton Costume (You can see through the bones)
    • Bush Costume (Ghillie Suit)
    • Pirate Foot Peg (A little wooden Peg on the right foot)
    • Dance tokens to let you sit or sleep anywhere
    • Walking Cane
    • Robot Shirt + Pants
    • Bringback nametag mask because it was kind of cool
    • Tincan Helmet
    • Let us have Wildspot things
    • Rainbow Cowls/Shirts/etc. that slowly transition between colors
    • Unibrow
    • Eyebrows
    • Cyclops Eye
    • Letter Blocks (2 Blocks tall, and display letters, basically so you can make big titles)
    • Hat Stack (Stack of hat pack hats)

    I keep editing this because I keep thinking of stuff

  • TylerPWTylerPW Member
    MEEPYZ said:

    Black Beard
    Skeleton Costume
    Bush Costume (Ghillie Suit)
    Pirate Foot Peg (A little wooden Peg on the right foot)
    More dances tokens
    Dance tokens to let you sit or sleep anywhere

    skellie set exists alrdy so no need for that one ^^.
  • Daresx11Daresx11 Member
    Blue Viking helm :) (Wearable)
    TylerPW said:

    MEEPYZ said:

    Black Beard
    Skeleton Costume
    Bush Costume (Ghillie Suit)
    Pirate Foot Peg (A little wooden Peg on the right foot)
    More dances tokens
    Dance tokens to let you sit or sleep anywhere

    skellie set exists alrdy so no need for that one ^^.
    I mean a 3D skeleton costume
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    No pets.. just wearable or decoration.
  • SidddSiddd UKMember, Game Moderator
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    Wouldn't mind more modern city related items/deco. Clothing items such as: firefighter/ police/ prisoner/ doctors/nurse outfits. I won't bother writing a comprehensive list of decorations related to city building but some examples: Fire hydrant, road work signs, bollards, road barriers, gas pump, bicycle, parking meter, pedestrian crossing markings (zebra crossing)
  • DohnessDohness Member
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    I suggest a cloak.
    I’ve wanted it for so long!!
    It’s like similar to the way the body of the ghost costume flows but at the back of the body, replacing the wings, where you can see ur shirt and pants (not like the robe).

    The cloak “blowing in the wind” effect if that makes sense.

    If you can’t do all colours make it black, white or dark blue 😅

    Hope this happens 💙



    This probably won’t happen but giving it a shot give us lightsabers or Star Wars themed clothes (Stormtrooper head for example) please c:

    I just really want the cloak but the others are also cool 🤓

    Thank you.
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    Checkers block, like from the game you play on a chessboard because it would be fun to play checkers. air blocks so we can have air in underwater stamp realms. sculpty glass.
    overalls and pants to match with them.

    No pets.. just wearable or decoration.

    Can we suggest Cars?
  • ThisIsNotSlimThisIsNotSlim Member, Game Moderator

    Basic/Simple Block Additions:

    Grey Plaster
    All Color Plaster Column
    Stone Brick Stairs
    Stone Brick Half
    Fancy Road Stair
    Fancy Road Half
    Dark Brick Stair
    Dark Brick Half
    Blue Brick Stair
    Blue Brick Half
    Red Brick Half
    Sandstone Stairs
    Cobblestone Stair
    Cobblestone Half
    Gold Brick Stair
    Gold Brick Half
    Gold Column
    Silver Column
    Fancy Flooring Stair
    Fancy Flooring Half
    Clay Stair
    Clay Brick Stairs
    Clay Brick Half
    Clay Column
    Finial Clay
    Metal/Stone Chair
    Metal/Stone Table
    Metal/Stone Shelf
    Metal/Stone Chest/Cabinet
    Other Color Sofa
    Other Color Rug Blocks
    Other Color/Dyable Clouds
    Marble Chair
    Marble Table

    Complete some basic sets..
    Police pants and shirt, baton
    Fireman pants and shirt, hose
    Construction pants and shirt, hammer
    Doctor and Nurse options + Pants and shirts
    Fire truck
    Police car

    Random Cool Item Ideas..

    Some sort of "recycling bin" to deal with the overpopulation of fish in the game.
    More Farming Apparel to buy with recubes..
    Different color farming clothes
    Rancher Set(Recube)
    Cowboy Set(Recube)
    Shepard Set(Recube)
    Tractor 2.0 (Faster driving)
    Harvester(Tractor with auto pickup)
    Seed Planter(Tractor to auto plant as you drive)

    Summer Fruit Hats
    Strawberry Costume
    Bunch of Grapes(Costume)
    Watermelon Balloon
    Animal Balloon
    Animal Cars(Horse, Zebra, Rhino ++)
  • UU Member

    No pets.. just wearable or decoration.

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    I just log on forums just to send some cool stuffs

    1:Waiter suit
    2:Waiter waist apron
    3:Violin backpack

    4:Sailor hat (With blue ribbon)
    5:Sailor suit
    6:Balloon dream (Holding multiple balloons)

    7:Heterochromia lenses (When wear it , ur qbee's eyes have 2 differ colors)
    8:Neapolitan shirt

    9:Neapolitan pants
    10:Neapolitan cone (Holding)

    11:Spilled ice cream head (Hat slot , neapolitan)
    12:Microphone (Holding)
    13:Musical notes jacktet

    14:Furry denim jacket (White fur for collar and sleeves)

    15:Winter pants (Mint green)(With white fur at the pants legs)

    1:Cardboard box
    2:Tiny music box (Orgel)
    3: Vinyl (Wall deco)
    4:Forget me not (Myosotis)
    6:Gutter channel
    7:Grand piano
    12:Strawberry fountain
    13:Chocolate fountain
    14:Cheese fountain
    15:Ship bottle

    16:More colors to sofa
    17:More colors to cloud
    18:White wood planks
    19:White wood stair
    20:White wood table
    21:White wood chair
    22:Cotton candy bar
    23:Popcorn cart
    24:More colors to crystal (Purple crystal can be dyed into other colors)
    25:More colors to water (Dye able)
    26:Polished marble floor

    27:Honeycomb block
    28:Neon blocks

    29:Ruby column (2 Rubies+Laser cutter)
    30:Diamond column (2 Diamonds+Laser cutter)
    31:Emerald column (2 Emeralds+Laser cutter)

    Idk if cars can be a thing ... (If not just ignore this)
    1:Cloudmobile (A rideable cloud)
    2:Magic carpet
  • Senza FineSenza Fine Member
    Colored sand blocks
    Cubit block (YES)
    Bike (deco)
    Miniature sun (deco, should be a cubic sun)
    Miniature earth (deco, should be cubic as well)
    "Syrups" (basically colored water blocks)
    Gummy bears of different colors

    Bug mask
    Crab backpack
    Toilet paper hat
    Rainbow shirt/pants
    Flowery shirt (multiple colors)
    Friendly frog (a small cubic frog that sits on the qbee's head)
    Straw of wheat (accessory)
  • TwiIightTwiIight Member
    Orange Jumpsuit Set
    Jail Set (Black n White)
    Air conditioner, Electric Fan
    Fur Coat/Fur Scarf

  • Evil QbeeEvil Qbee Member
    A new pack full of chess blocks. Black pieces and white pieces, also special blocks for the chessboard itself.
    I think people who's hats get approved should get a Lightbulb head.
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