CC not recognizing internet connection depending on internet consumed

So, you know how internet subscriptions are a set amount of Gb? 200, 300 whatever? Something odd I noticed is whenever my home internet is 70% consumed or over (80% etc.), CC doesn't recognize me having an internet connection at all and is stuck on reconnecting. Talked to a friend today who lives in another country and they say they also have the same issue. Is this a CC thing?


  • koekenbakkoekenbak Member
    edited May 4
    My isp lowers my bandwidth when im over 80% consumed until i go too their website and agree too have full bandwith till 100% . Maybe your bandwidth is too low to connect too the cc servers atm?
    With most isp 's this "lowered bandwidth cap" is fully adjustable at their websites .I keep it at 80% as a reminder that i need too stop watching Netflix :)
    I hope you get it fixed
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