guess my number ( redo )

lucas mutterlucas mutter Member
edited April 27 in Forum Games
guess my number the winner is well... a winner nothing speaceal so guess my number correctly and you win remember if i see this post with 2 of the correct numbers i will make a new number so that means there will be a new post and hints will be displayed
please dont brag if you win
mods and retired mods can guess the number and change the number they cant say the number after they guess that would be cheating XDjust please a message with the number ( mods) have luck and have fun
And only SIR.KEW and GLANTIS can change the hints per what they want
its like a... place of... chaos
mods allow multipost here this is a guessing game so they can multipost only if its ontopic for this post
"set by lucas" 1 hint per month
correct numbers will be displayed as a hint mods when there is 1 number left then change it or take the win for yourself
mods will win when there is 999 comments of incorrect numbers


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