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So a mod tp'd in - in disguise - and 'temporarily' mute me .. Then left.. No clue who or why.. Or how long 'temporary' is ...
Pretty certain I didn't break CC guidelines.. But if somehow I had (I was being 'funny' in chat tryin to get folks to stop bein mean to each other.) --- Then I apologize.
It would have been nice if the person could have spared even 30 seconds to speak to me. ---- It's been about 30 minutes now so I'm assuming waiting for them to speak to me to get any info isn't going to work ..
--- I'd heard other similar stories and hoped folks were just being mad. But I honestly have no info, and no idea where to go to get it .. I (think?) support is for tech?


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    You can always dm one of us and ask if you need to know why you were muted and for how long. We are always happy to help when we can. We don't hang around and talk to people because it usually doesn't go well to try to discuss it rationally. People want to argue, deny, debate and harass us. Feel free to dm me if you want information about the mute, I'll see what I can find out for you.

    edit: I'm going to close this since we are talking in dms now :)
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