What's your outfit [Easter]

Current Theme: Easter

This is a thread for you to tell everyone what you will be wearing, or just show what your favourite outfit is in general!

You can simply make a list of the items or send a screenshot! I'll start :) (EXAMPLE)


Epic Greek Orthodox Crown
Yellow Robe
Egyptian Staff

Share your outfit in the comments :)
Happy Easter!


  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member

    Easter Top Hat
    Wuvva Umbrella
    Pink Wuvva Shirt
    Pink Pants
    Pink Tutu
    Cupid's Wings
    Coke Bottle Glasses
  • was cat set with red umb and pink kimono set but due roll back i didnt get pink kimono top from new packs
  • It's my basic outfit that's it
  • I don't have a special easter outfit, but rn im wearing cute bee shirt and pants, worn hat, broken glasses, and im trying to find a good thing to wear on my back.
  • Alvin!Alvin! Member
    Blue Ant Cap (signature)
    Blue Kimono Set (Although Kimono is for Girl, Yakuta is for Boy)
    Striped Shades
    Black Umbrella
  • Orange green fishing vest
    (Dark) brown pants
    Butterfly wings
    Yellow fishing hat
    Right now i only have the vest and wings xD
  • Purple Floral crown
    Easter bp
    Pink kimono shirt
    Pink kimono skirt
    Cherry blossom umbrella
  • XorsistXorsist Member
    Dark Traveller Shirt
    Dark Traveller Pants
    Harm Wand

    (Sometimes Krampus 2020 set and also Gift Box Costume)
  • Didn't change >.>
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