Egg counter bumper number glitching

Myself and a family member were getting eggs then went to check out the bumper, he's down almost 60 eggs than what he actually got. He got another egg to verify and it showed the lower number that was on the egg bumper. Mine was right, so I got about 10 more eggs and went back and it didn't count those 10 eggs. :/ something is glitching. S10 up to date


  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    It's slow to count so the server can't always be counting in real time. It updated periodically.
  • mommyymommyy Member
    The counter ticker when you pick up an egg now matches the bumper. The ticker dropped my egg counter to match the bumper. Is that normal? I understand the bumper can be slow, but it made the ticker rewind.
  • DaddyyyDaddyyy Member
    I was the other person involved in this. I got 610 or 612 (not exactly sure) and I went to New Eden to check my place on the bumper. My game was stuck on reconnecting going to Eden so I killed it and reopened the app. I was surprised to see I only had 555 points. I understood that perhaps the bumper wasn't updated because it looked to me like 1st and second place hadn't moved either since last I checked. When I went back to a mine and collected an egg my ticker popped up and said 555 and changed to 556 letting me know I went up from 555 to 556. I have attempted to duplicate and record the issue to no avail. It is properly counting now both the ticker and the bumper are updating with numbers when I get an egg the problem is that they're counting from 555. I'm up to 584 or so now. What happened to the ones I lost? I was finding eggs for hours today. I know nothing much can be done without reproducing the issue. I put in a support ticket when I couldn't get into the forums. Perhaps Mabz will see what I had pre rollback and add to what is currently in my pocket all the eggs are still there. It's been a couple of hours since this happened and I've reset a few times nothing has changed.
  • mommyymommyy Member
    Mine did correct itslself. Thanks SirKew, maybe a Mabz issue for him now.
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