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Someone did some Zilla giveaways with their accounts TurtleZiIia and FishZiIIa.Here's the giveaways they did:
TurtleZiIIa giveaways:
#1: (the first Zilla giveaway by the person!) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v2pezCGTa7GZWPa5I04Bf9OfzmjYpSYo/view?usp=sharing (you don't need to skip any of it)
#2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-f-UOdWdPqLkwGRZkMTzzBu2QhsDxM81/view?usp=sharing (skip the first 35 seconds)
FishZiIIa GIveaways:
#1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jOC37ttYOgejycUbSEEblkeu4pegmvAH/view?usp=sharing (skip the first min)
#2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_ugb0XXd2WnOQJQBoF7fOlRIltfoFSTs/view?usp=sharing (skip the first 5 mins)

If you want to support more giveaways like this, go to the realm ZillaCentral to donate items, because the person who did the TurtleZiIIa giveaway used all their clothes they had, so it'll take a little while for them to do another giveaway by themselves. Thank you to all who donated already!

The spelling for ZillaCentral is this:
z i l l a c e n t r a l
(but without spaces)
once theres enough things to giveaway, TurtleZiIIa will do another giveaway! TurtleZiIia gives away clothes and dehys, and FishZiIIa gives away fishing rods (when he has some) bait, and fishes.
If the person gets donos of things that aren't those, they might make a new Zilla account to give those away too!
People keep asking who TurtleZiIIa and FishZiIIa are, so here you go, it's not:
Whimsical FIrefly
Anyone at all that has more than 20k cubits
The person who did it wants to remain ANONYMOUS, they are not doing it to become famous, but to be nice to the community :D

Also, should this go in community, player events and creations, or this section?


  • i know who it is..... drumroll please
    proturtleman is the ZILLA
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