Easter 2021 - Egg Hunting (**UPDATE4 -WINNERS**)

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The egg hunt is back this year... Easter eggs can be found in mines or hunting grounds.

As with previous years some of the eggs can be crafted into Bunny Pows which will give some items not available in the regular pack.

The top egg hunters will get additional prizes...
Top 100 will receive a Golden Egg Costume
Top 500 will get a Red Traditional Umbrella

As well anyone egg hunting will sometimes be able to find rare Golden Eggs. Golden eggs can be traded for rare and special prizes after the event is over at the Temple of the Egg in the Easter overworld. The golden egg prizes will vary a lot in value. Some examples...

Bunnymobile, Bunny Backpack, Bunny Pyjamas, Bunny Tophat, Easter Hat
Easter Tophat, Easter Umbrella, Mushroom Hat, New Easter Umbrella
Some are asking.. Are all the prizes rare and valuable. As mentioned above the value will vary quite a bit. A gold egg is NOT a guarantee of a very valuable prize. There will be a mix of more common items and more rare items.

So anyone egg hunting has a shot at some nice prizes. You can turn in as many eggs as you find. 1 golden egg yields one prize.

Egg hunting contest will end April 12th.

Android was finally approved and we updated. Please note the leaderboard bumper can be found in the event center (colosseum stamp in new eden)

Due to the rollback and Robozilla bugs we decided to extend the end of the egg hunt by 2 days to be fair to everyone. New final date will be April 12th.

Prizes have been handed out to the top winners. In some cases of suspicious egg counts or duplicate players (alt accounts) prizes were not handed out so more than the top 100 received a prize. If you feel there's an error contact support.
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