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I know you've all been waiting for the fishing tournament to start. We had planned to get it going sooner, but sometimes life throws you a few surprises, and you just have to deal with them. We're very close now though so I'm going to share how it will work when it starts.

The tournament is 21 days long.

Each day will have new prizes and new fishing goals which will be listed in the chat console! (3 prizes per day)

Certain fish can only be caught on certain days! There are 21 tournament fish to catch in all! (1 per day) If you're a collector, you'll need to fish every day to catch all the tournament fish. (or wait till the next tournament when they may return)

There will be a first, 2nd and third prize each day! The player with the heaviest fish in each category is the winner!

More fishing enhancements...

After the tournament starts, the farmer's coop will have 2 new NPCs. One buys fish for recubes and another will trade ultra-rare fish for unique fishing outfits. This is not related to tournament prizes. Just an enhancement.

There will be a new hunting ground in the wildlands called the winter hunting ground with unique fish.

The cubic town center will also have a fishing leaderboard bumper you can check.

Also, at the start of the tournament a limited set of rare items are being added into the oceans and lakes. So there's a chance to fish a rare block or wearable instead of a fish! (until they're all gone!) So even if you don't win the tournament you can still win! There are halos, kissing booths, and other discontinued items of varying worth. There are even Ramm kennels!!


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    Aside from the possibility of fishing a rare item, the daily prizes will normally be awarded the next day. They are...

    50k (for the heaviest daily tourney fish)
    25k ( for the heaviest 2nd species fish)
    10k (for the heaviest 3rd species fish)
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