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Waterloo Racetrack

Welcome to my next Event! Waterloo Racetrack, 32 of Cubic Castles finest Racers will compete for a pair of Valentine Wings!

This Event is limited to 32 Players, so join in while you can. This Event runs on 1 condition, you MUST have Discord. Normally I wouldn't make events Discord-mandatory but as you'll be racing other people, I need quick-communication and I need to talk freely to all the racers to arrange race-times. I can, maybe, make do for non-discord users but you'll have to PM me and I'll decide.

There will be 32 Players, and it will run on a knock-out system. You will race 1 other Players, so at first they'll be 16 races. The winner of each race moves onto the next stage until it comes down to the final Race.

Once everyone, 32 players, have signed up- I will pick teams based on 2 factors time zones/location and active times online.


  • No CHEATING whatsoever, if I catch you I will personally ban you from all future racing tournaments- and expect a lot of them ;)
  • No abusing your racing-opponent if you lose for example. We're all here to have fun!
  • YOU MUST be on time for you race, I'm going to be strict on this, I will wait 15 Minutes for you- if you don't show, you automatically lose. No exceptions.
If you wish to enter, don't comment here. Join this Discord Server and find the Channel #waterloo_racetrack


Good luck everyone,

Mr. Penguin / Lucas The Spider
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