Stupid Solutions

Rules: You write the most stupid solution you can think of to problem the person before you has.
Then, write any problem a person could possibly have and wait for the solution.
Example: You're in the back of the class, and the person sitting in front of you is too tall for you to see what the teacher is writing on the board.
Solution: You stack the unused desks around you into a huge tower and stand atop all of them; proud of your brilliant idea.

I'll start you off: You really don't want to go to your doctors appointment but if you pretend you're sick you'll have to go even more.


  • eat 10201201 pounds of medicine

    You have no space in your fridge and you need to put stuff in there.
  • Chop off the side of your fridge and expand it with plywood and screws.

    Youre having trouble training your dog how to roll over.
  • eat your dog

    i broke my toy
  • Break it more until its fixed

    your salad is missing 1/4 of a tomato
  • Add soy sauce to it

    Your headphones are tangled up
  • i am larrysi am larrys Member
    edited February 26
    Throw it till it breaks

    Your Mobile is 10% charging and someone Hollas Super rare giveaway in Cubic castle👀
  • turn the phone off

    I can't unsubscribe to official Rick Astley channel
  • Subscribe to every other YouTube channel that exists so Rick Astley has no advantage

    My washing machine exploded
  • PlayerPlayer Member
    edited February 26
    putting the broken washing machine inside an even bigger washing machine so you can make them clean again and sell them

    I accidentally bought robux

  • GanondalfGanondalf Member
    edited February 26
    have people make fun of you on video

    I lost my car and the keys.
  • Baldi31719Baldi31719 Member
    edited February 26
    Call the police to report a stolen car, then when they arrive, jump into their car and take off.

    Your mom found out you bought v-bucks with her credit card.
  • give less taxes to the rich

    want more equality in america
  • Play more video games

    You forgot your CC password
  • Stop playing CC for the whole eternity and get back into it when you remembered

    you asked your crush out but she/he rejected, but you need love desperately
  • Find a new one

    I am Larrys but people call me Barrys
  • get a nametag

    people call me purely :(
  • Get a nametag

    I can't find eggs
  • Get a Name tag

    I am nab
  • Alvin!Alvin! Member
    Just mine a dirt

    Someone put ketchup in my macaroni -_-
  • Put mustard on it too, and put a hot dog on top. Instant macaronihotdog.
  • Since LittleDuneBuggy failed to follow instructions, here's the new problematic situation.
    Your right arm disappears all of a sudden.

    Since LittleDuneBuggy failed to follow instructions, here's the new problematic situation.
    Your right arm disappears all of a sudden.

    use your right foot

    my dog ate chocolate
  • i am larrysi am larrys Member
    edited April 7
    Eat Your Dog

    You ate a bug
  • Eat another one

    My game crashed
  • crash into a tree to join it
    i need c
  • Spend all your cubits on sand half slabs then wait for profit

    I want to get better at drawing
  • NetherFossilNetherFossil Member
    edited April 9
    Tear up the paper and scribble the wall.

    I need stonks
  • meltingmelting Member
    Hack into the local stonks center (?) and change all the stonks so you can get stonks
    I ate fish bait
  • i am larrysi am larrys Member
    edited April 9
    Become a Fish

    I am Larry's but I wanna Change my name to Larry
  • Go to court and change your name

    I want to eat something
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