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Hello. I've been a cubic catles player for a long time. One of the items I like today, my pumpkin balloon, has disappeared. I put my balloon in a realm called PixShop on February 20th. I thought you wouldn't get lost because I put it in the window. After all, that's how everyone hides most of their stuff. Is that a bug? Or is it a mistake that happened when the update happened?

No one in my world (in that week range) had a perm.
And I'm pretty sure I put it in the glass.
I put it on February 20th or an earlier date.
Today, February 23rd, I came to my world to wear my balloon. I was shocked to see that the glass I put the balloon in was empty.

I had an incident like this a year ago. İ lost 2 vend.

İ am sad.


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