Community Parkour Realm

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At this point I'm starting to consider if my posts are spam or not :D Anyway!

Community Parkour

What is Community Parkour? It's simply a Realm end-to-end, corner-to-corner with Parkours! All difficulties. I haven't got an exact number of how many Parkours my design can hold, I think it's rough 500 Doorways.

Anyway. Each member of this beloved community can build ONE Parkour to feature in this Realm. Which I will sometimes hold giveaways in, maybe events, who knows what the future holds. All Rooms must be owned by me, for my own peace of mind if/when I host things there. Therefore, if you wish to build a Parkour I will supply the rooms. You can pick any size, 33x33, 55x55, 77x77 or 99x99. The Parkours can be hard, easy, moderate. Long, short, insanely long XD

If you're struggling for resources or want a certain block to make your Parkour even better, send me DM I can help out.

All Parkours will have your name, the builder, at the start and end. If I use your Parkour for anything I will ensure your name is known too.

I never thought I'd have to say this, but...The parkours are all free. No one building these parkours should treat them like a paid-parkour.

I hope I get a few people into this! I wanna encourage building in CC as much as possible.



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