Memorial in honor of xKiwiGames

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Impact 1 and me (Baldi31719) are making a memorial for xKiwiGames, as he has left the game forever
This memorial will include:
A huge, skulpty block statue of xKiwiGames in his main outfit
A mannequin with his main outfit on it
His main car keys
A wall with a bunch of facts about him
Realm deeds
His clothing collection on mannequins
Maybe a ton of fizzled wands to show how many he's gone through --- not decided
_______________________________ this list will continue to grow so please suggest anything to make the memorial better. It can fit a lot in it because it's 55x55
All in all, we're just saying that any and all donations to this cause are appreciated!
We are in specific looking for: Stone bricks, stone, skulpty blocks (Any color you can spare). Also the piggy is hungry, so feel free to feed him.
The realm name is: Memorial of xKiwiGames
We will use all donations for the memorial.


  • Maybe put his realm deeds in it if you find them? I was Arthur’s friend too, and I’m sad he’s gone, especially since I accidentally deleted him from my friends list a few days ago so I didn’t really see him before he quit :(
  • Use all his stuff given to you at a Small area called his last inv
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    i literally saw him online sometime near valentines day .-.
    [he's still on my friends list, saw him online mode]
  • Guys, he came back, sooo nevermind.
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