Fortnight Building Contest! PennyGames' Clan Event!

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Fortnight Building Contest!

Fortnight Building Contest! (Fortnight means 2 Weeks in English-Slang). This Event will last 1 week, then I'll allow 7 days for Judging, players to clear their plots and to set up for next week.

The Realm is called Fortnight Building Contest.

This is only a small event to entertain a small portion of the game. There will be, at first, 16 Plots. I want to eventually get 25 Plots in 1 Realm. I work full-time, 40 hours+ a week, so understand during the week I am busy, which is why the event starts Friday in time for the weekend. The Event will be run by and funded by PennyGames' Clan. A new Clan, dedicated 100% to entertaining everyone!

The Plots will be 15x15x20, yes it's small but the creations you will be doing don't require much space. For example, it'll be simple things, like i.e Water fountain, snowmen, a tree etc this isn't a big event, it's something small to do in your free time.

Plots will cost 10c, plots will last exactly 7 days (After which, you'll have to find me to obtain your items). The Prize will be 2,500c. Yes, I know it isn't much, it isn't about the Cubits though.
  • No copying other players creations, I will just exclude you from any and all contests if you do this!
  • You MUST clear your own plots. I will not clear any plots, if I have to do this you will get 1 warning then you'll be banned from this Contest. (All Plots are nuked after 7 days)
  • If you lose, accept the outcome. If you become abusive for losing, I will ban you. I am doing this in the most unbiased way possible!
  • No placing your name anywhere on your build!

Judges + How it works

All Plots will be identified by numbers, under no circumstances are you to put your name within your Plot! I will keep track of who owns which numbers. This is to minimise the risk to biased Judging. I also will not judge, unless it's tie-breaker. There will be 5 Judges per go. Each Judge will pick their top 3, if they pick your build you get 1 point. Whoever has the most points, wins. Easy. Simple. Hassle free.

Current Judges:

If you wish to be a judge, contact me on Discord@ I Am Borat#8186 (I'll be chosing judges randomly, changing them every 2 weeks)

Furthermore, if you wish to stay up-to-date on this Contest, and all future events, please join our Discord Server@

Thank you,
Mr. Penguin, Lucas The Spider, I Am Borat


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    Starting a day early!

    Plots are now available! The Realm is called Fortnight Building Contest plots are 10c each. This is VERY important. It is your responsibility to re-rent your plot . I am not going to replace lost items due to you not re-renting. The building contest lasts 7 days; then you have to wait for the judging before you collect your items.

    This is a trial run, if all goes well and this becomes popular I will open multiple Realms all running Building Contests endlessly.

    With that being said, the Contest will run from 11th - 19th for Building 20th-26th for Judging and collecting your items. Prizes will be given out between the 20th-26th (If you know you've won, you can also leave a pig on your build to speed to up the prize-giving process)

    If you rent a plot PLEASE private message me with what number you rented. I wanna keep names anonymous but also know who owns what. This is for judging purposes

    THEME: Water fountain
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