The Best Realms Of 2020 (OFFICIAL EVENT)

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Welcome everyone to the best realms of 2020! As per usual we take a look back at the builds of last year to remind our self's of all the greatness the community has achieved!
This year we shall be doing it a little different but i believe this will overall make it easier to judge and for the players to see the builds!


Adventure/Game Realms
Race Tracks
Clan Realms
Scenic Realms
Pixel Art
Workshops/Storage Areas


-This rule should be fairly obvious (but apparently not) anyone caught building will be disqualified it's builds of 2020 not builds you suddenly decided to do in 2021 because you had a spare 2020 realm.
- You may submit either a realm or a room of any size
- Realms or rooms must have an info bumper showing the realm/room was purchased in 2020
- Please add to the info bumper the category you have entered the realm/room for so we know when judging
- You may enter a realm/room to multiple category if it is appropriate (it may only win in one though)
- All builds must have a warp food bumper and the warp food must be delivered to the realm "The Best Realms Of 2020"
- Prizes will be awarded to the owner of a room or realm (even if it is a team build)
- The entry will be judged on the realm/room with the bumper in. (additional attached rooms will not be counted! This rule may be receded where appropriate, for example a story based adventure map)
- You may nominate and submit someone else's build for them!
- You may not submit an entry from a 2020 building contest!
- The judges reserve the right to remove categories and condense categories. For example race tracks may be condensed into games if there are not enough submissions. Similar we may choose to remove a category if the builds are not up to scratch. You may be the only race track submitted for example but you will not win if it is a straight dirt road. It must be "The Best Of 2020 standard"


1st - 150,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
2nd - 100,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
3rd - 75,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
4th - 50,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
5th - 30,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed


All submissions to be submitted by the 10th January


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    Please do not cover your warp food bumper. We may need to make more warp and cannot do that if the bumper is blocked. Thanks :)
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