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The Cubic Castles Race League 2020 (OFFICIAL EVENT)

Welcome to the first official cubic castles racing league!
Due to recent changes to the racing rules i have decided it is fair enough to bring this in as an official ongoing event.
Each month a new racing event will be announced, players will have a whole month to compete for the fastest times!
Prizes will be awarded each month for the quickest times and the times will be added to the ongoing leaderboards available to view on this forum post.
At the end of the year the top positions will win prizes!


-Any players found using alt accounts to attempt to win multiple prizes will have all accounts banned from that months event, continuing to do so will have the player banned from the entire event.
- all times will be submitted to the finish bumper within the realm when your lap is complete
- Any players found cheating or attempting to cheat will be disqualified for the month
- Any time 2 seconds more than the next fastest time due to lag will not count.In some instances this margin will differ. For example if there is a time of 52.07 seconds but every other time is 53 seconds you could assume that a player hasn't managed to beat the next 20 people by a whole second and rule it as a lag time. As there is no fix for lagging at this time players are advised to stop the lap if experiencing a large amount of lag and waiting till it has subsided to continue. Not only does your lag time not count but the bumper will prevent you from setting a true time because you can't beat your "lag time" which will stop you from competing in the event.
- If a player does set a lag time submitting a screenshot of a "proper time" to me via DM on the forums will be accepted as long as it shows both the time and a time stamp using /time in game. Players who are deemed to have a lag time will be disqualified from the month if no screenshot is submitted by the end of the months race, this will be done on an honesty system you will not be prompted to submit a screenshot you will be expected to "own up" to your own lag times.
- The top 20 times per month will all be awarded points for the overall leaderboard.
- 1st - 20pts
2nd - 19pts
and so on down to 20th place.
- If two players receive the same time they will be given equal points
- Not a rule but important! Make sure to use a wand to hit the go bumper while in your car for faster times!


The 10 quickest times of each month will win 25,000 cubits
kestrels – 20pts
sams42 – 19pts
spartabos – 18 pts
prendon - 17pts
sandd - 16pts
-JZ- -15 pts
Player - 14pts
LukeKing – 13pts
GHRIMBIKE65 – 12pts
sambo1p - 10pts
cubicpencil – 8pts
Jaisonho – 7 pts
*Lil Pumkin – 6pts
Jedee – 5 pts
Zhipin_ - 4pts
leejunhang1234 – 3pts
Sir.Sculpty – 2 pts
Mr.Lecirius - 1pts

I am sorry that the last race of the year was spoiled somewhat by this bug that made setting scores a little harder than usual. But overall i think the race league has been a lot of fun.
For those of you confused about the final results i have used the rule about posting lag time to determine the scores and removing any that have been effected by the glitch. (I also mentioned this in someones thread that brought up the issue)
In relation to this many of you did submit screenshots and videos of your real times to me as also stated in the rules so thank you for that!
Anyone who did not resubmit a time of course does not feature on the leader board.
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