I know everyone is afraid to speak out but im not

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Dear Kewberth no hate or offence but since betamax left and you handled doing all the packs.

IT SUCKS! not just coming from me, alot of veteran players like me is complaining.
it doesn't matter how good is the pack item designs but the problem here is that you overflow the pack with old items and the chance to get them is pretty high and absurd.

since you take over handling packs we get less rare items from packs and alot of items coming back in bulks.

if you can just listen to the community.

Bring back the old ways of packs where we get something new and something hard to get like beta max did cuz doing all this packs and all this item comebacks hurts the community with harsh disappointment.

please do not flag this discussion cuz i want Sir kewberth's reply

tell me your thoughts about this guys.


  • never -1
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    I completely disagree.
    And I will add that a lot of people speak up and give opinions here and in dms. Give your own opinion but please dont speak on behalf of the community.
  • i dont get the idea why you must create a thread.. as a veteran player.. i think the update was fine.. but actually i hate the new overworld update.. and now its getting used to me.. kewb already try hard to make all the player get fun and try to appreciate the hard work.. dont keep complaining..Glad there an admin to handle the game.. and make event every months
  • Pretty sure that the reason all items now have an even chance in packs is because companies were being threatened to be sued because having 'loot boxes' (packs that don't have an even chance in everything) was said to promote child gambling. Hence, Cubic Castles may have decided to get rid of them to avoid any conflict.
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    Dear Kewberth no hate or offence but since betamax left and you handled doing all the packs.

    Actually I believe I've always done them. They have changed a lot and I'm sorry you don't like the new style as much as the old but there are benefits and reasons for doing it this way. My advice is.. if you're an older player and you're not interested in the older themed items because you still have them from previous years but you want to collect the new items.. Wait a little while and buy them from other players.

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    Keeping everyone happy with the changes is a impossible job for the devs.. Yeah, but overtime some items will become rare after a while, for example the dragon head.. I'd say it's the same but just in a different way.

    I'd love to see feedbacks/suggestions, I don't see why you mention that some players are afraid to do this.
  • I agree I hate the new styles of the pack theres no rates and nothing I miss old cc with bad events and everything its annoying
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    It would be nice every once in a while to get an event with like only 100 winners receiving a new exclusive item, kind of like the Easter Umbrella when it was released.
  • MEEPYZ said:

    It would be nice every once in a while to get an event with like only 100 winners receiving a new exclusive item, kind of like the Easter Umbrella when it was released.

    yeah not like just 25 winners
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    A lot of veteran players? I like the updates more then before.. we are getting more updates and we are getting them faster. I truly appreciate all that Kewberth and the other developers do for the game.
  • My only complain is I bought the thanksgiving pack twice and Im already full inv , why not a 'old deco pack' and 'theme block pack' come with the seasonal pack ? It could reduce some spaces for new stuffs
  • i love the replies and the thoughts of you guys, specially kewberth hearing from him :D
  • I'm actually pretty happy with the way packs work. I especially like the return of older items because this game has been going for so many years and I like that re-adding gives the new players a better chance at older items. Really, with any pack its always about patience too. I remember folks complaining the other year during halloween when the rare was a wolf head. No one wanted them - now its over 100k. Same with the Motley Set - no one wanted it. You couldn't sell those pant or shirt at 5k for nothing... Now a few years later and everyone wants it and its worth alot. I think this pack system is more fair to new players - and I like that. Items still become rare. And truly - this last pack is GREAT for builders. All that deco!!! - And the new blocks! - I am currently tryin to figure out what i can sell in game to buy more packs, lol. - I do understand not liking change though, I still miss the old town center and hallways, lol.
    The most important thing here is to remember that with a community this large we won't all agree with game things. There is stuff I don't really like, but I can say for certain that I absolutely see SirKew attempting to make everyone as happy as he can. For any Dev to do that means alot. Give credit where it's due. He can't make us all happy - but he genuinely seems to try.
  • Packs? I do believe too many items are released each time, but that's a point of view. They're getting quite good now, and the addition of BLOCKS is way more important. Remember the ones you did get like 5 themed blocks? Look now :)

    I understand about the rarity thing, and yeah, I miss getting an epicly rare item that can put sparkles (and despair ppl to buy it lol) in players' eyes while finding one wearing that item. But as kewb said, reasons. ^^
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