Mario Parkour (Recycled)

I made a parkour called Mario Parkour (thats the realm name), and I finished it and did a holla about it, but all the prizes got taken, so it is a free to play now. If you wanna play, just go to the realm, and donate if you want, bcuz this costed me thousands of cubits and I wanna make a lvl 2 which would be underwater like those underwater mario levels, but if you do not want to donate that is perfectly fine too, since it is a free to play now. If I ever get any more prizes, it will stop being a free to play while there are prizes in the machine. Then, once they are gone, it will be free to play again. I also buy seeker coins (some of them are seeker eggs right now :( and i wanna fix that) to make it more mario-like. You have to get 35 seekers to finish. If you play, please bump the guest bumper in the room. Thanks!


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