Halloween Event - The Recap

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The Halloween event has ended. I feel it was pretty fun though, it seems that some of you maybe got caught up a little more in the competition than we would have liked. One of the problems with competitive events is that sometimes people get over-competitive and it can cause some disagreement. I think that's just the nature of competitions, but remember guys it's supposed to be fun. We wonder if we should make events more personal or competitive in the future. It's something we're discussing. I think both have their "good and bad" sides as it were.

There was some attempted cheating which is always bad for everyone. It's bad for us who are trying to provide fun events and its bad for all of you who want to play a fair game and have fun. That being said, it was caught and we adjusted the scores. I can understand how that may not be perfect, but as I said it's something that happens in all online games and the best we can do is deal with it as early as possible. Please save your ire for the cheaters and not the regular players or staff. Ultimately the ones who choose to cheat are responsible. We also double checked everything after the event to make sure nothing was missed. We can see how many amulets were generated and how much people mined etc... Nobody was even CLOSE to the cheaters and the averages were all similar for legitimate players.

I understand some people are suspicious of last minute scoring, and I've received some private messages asking about it, but I'm not surprised by the strategy to hoard points until the last minute and score late to try and get an upset victory. Scoring earlier motivates the other team to catch up. Saving your scores for the last minute is harder to overcome. I expected both teams to do this at least to some extent.

You will all be wondering about the prizes and prize rooms. Since the event was very close the balance of rare prizes is also fairly close but the winning team will have some advantage/additional rare prizes in their prize pool. I think most players will just get regular prizes. The chance of a rare for a single amulet/pendant trade in is less than 1% -- In total approximately 12000 amulets/pendants were collected. (a little less than 6000 on each team) -- And there's a limit to how many rares we can give out per our own rules and to not harm the economy. The prize rooms will only open after we've verified the prize system is working as intended. It may be later today or tomorrow. I would recommend not all rushing the prize rooms at once. It won't improve your chances, but it may make it difficult to navigate the rooms. Just go in and trade a few at a time here and there if you have more than one. The rooms will stay open long enough to collect so no worries about missing your chances. We won't close them until most of the amulets/pendants are redeemed (within reason). We expect some of you may choose to keep one or two aside as a collectors items, but I'm expecting 90%+ will be redeemed. I'm also not saying they will have any collectors value. I don't know, but I have to anticipate not all will be redeemed.

Next update/event is the fall update later this month. Thanks for playing.
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