Super Amicorum Grand Prix (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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The results are as follows
the top 10 will receive 25k an the rest will gain points on the overall leader board

galantis 20 pts
lopaiko 19pts
kestrels – 18pts
butoh 17pts
im a poor man – 16pts
prenden – 15pts
iloveyoujustkidd - 14pts
Talia <3 13 pts
spartaboss 12pts
guayalava. 11pts
meep?! 10 pts
agente freitas 9 pts
mr.lecirius 8 pts
kostarik’ 7pts
ethria 5 pts
sandd 4 pts
_DaniTrnro_ 3 pts
filippp 2 pts
theidiotclown 1 pt
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