Upgrades Updates and Downtime

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We have a few bigger updates on the horizon... Specifically...
(1) Server Upgrade -- Moving to a new server - Should be this week. Maybe Wednesday. When we do this there's a lot of testing and copying and moving tasks we need to do so it means cubic may be down for longer than usual. Could be several hours or longer depending how smoothly it goes.

(2) Overworld2 -- We're getting close to releasing that. One more beta first I think. But it's looking like the next week after the server upgrade (so 2 weeks from now roughly). This is another bigger upgrade. We need to add new mines, change the early quests to match the new official realms and so on... So again it could be several hours down when we make this patch.

This post is just to let you guys know ahead of time so you won't be worried during the down-time.

After Overworld2 update we'll likely launch the web version.. maybe the week after that. The exact timing is still a bit tentative, since it's hard to predict exactly what we'll need to do and so on..
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