I can't login

When I try to login into my account it keeps saying 'starting game' forever and it doesnt let me enter the game. I even changed my password and after I click on the "start at home" button it doesnt login. I waited for 10 minutes and it still said "starting game". I invested around 200€ in this game and I love it. Please help me with this issue.


  • Alvin!Alvin! Member
    Either your internet is slow or server is lagging
  • AzsimuthAzsimuth Member
    edited July 20
    Servers are in New Jersey from what i know. It's more like an educated guess. Maybe high ping is the issue
  • CAPT.LawCAPT.Law Member
    Oh that's an issue , try to check your phone's storage or clear the cubic cahce in the app section . Some player told me that's work for mobile version
  • Pokewap.Pokewap. Member
    I have a problem for 1 hour I try to enter my account and it won't let me stay in "Reconnecting" and from there it doesn't say anything else and if it lets me enter my other accounts, please help me I'm very worried :(
    that is because the server the lobby is in is down
  • Pokewap.Pokewap. Member
    ASPIJDKLSJ Thank you very much I was really worried X'D
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