Realm reloads when someone enters?

Giant_Giant_ Member
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I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature since it has always done it but I think my realm forces the people who were already in the realm to reload the entire map when someone enters it (and it makes everyone lag when it happens). The name of the realm is "Giant_ Fun Park".


  • Probably cause ur realm is massive, with so much stuff in it never experienced it in my realms. Smol realm gang
  • Giant_Giant_ Member
    I don't think other realms force people to reload the entire map when players enter it. I think it is some bug on my realm. Think of mines... they're big but they don't lag when someone enters... not to my knowledge. And other players say that they don't experience it anywhere else. It's kind of a real issue in my realm since i have so many visitors for events and stuff. It makes it not so fun when doing tournaments and stuff.
  • Ok, it lags real when any person joins... that's sad bc the realm is amazing
  • Giant_Giant_ Member
    The lag is real when someone enters. Idk if it is just my realm or if it is all realms but I am convinced that it forces everyone in the realm to reload the realm when someone enters. And if I am right then that has to be a bug, right?
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