Stuff to shoot!

Giant_Giant_ Member
edited June 30 in Suggestions & Comments
Dear Santa,

I want to be able to shoot ghosts and spudbugs in addition to slymes.

I want switches we can shoot that will activate switch pack "receivers".

I want a mannequin called "test dummy" that can be knocked around with knockback wand and/or moved with conveyors or water current or accelorings or etc (you get the idea: a mannequin that just stands there unless it's on an interactive block that would move it or a player shoots it.)

Also, I still want an army tank car that when dropped will spawn with a red or blue flag on it and it can shoot qbee bombs with a fixed cannon. Oh yeah... I want qbee bombs to be able to be placed by anyone if the map is pvp tag.

edit: Let us shoot those little bunny's that pop up out of bunny hole too please. We could use them like wack-a-mole.


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