LEGO Cubic Castles Set 1.5 (Check Comment)



  • BUMP! The build is in progress! Sorry about the long delay, I haven't got on CC for a while as I've been busy streaming, placing high in Esports, doing digital/traditional art, taking commissions, etc.
    I'll make sure the set is created!
    The image preview says I don't have access to view or something
  • I see, it's not allowing me to post images. I'll try to post in the CC Discord.
  • Boom tks*Boom tks* Member
    edited March 16
    Quick Update! I'm now remodelling and will soon have a WiP image up! There are some tEChnICAl DiFfICulTiEs so please be patient!
  • Woohoo update
  • Working on a real life model. I'll try to post a model soon.
  • hmm don't know

    What happened to the images?
  • Still working on it. Been busy, 2020 has been painful so I'm having trouble getting time and motivation :3
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